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We are ready to tickle your tastebuds with Armenia's best meats—cut, aged and seasoned with the craftsmanship of true butchers. All 100% organic and local meat, we serve beef, pork and lamb custom prepared for your cooking needs. Scan through our website to find all the possibilities waiting for you, including wholesale services, TMS products available at several outlets throughout Yerevan, as well as our specialized retail for our favorite customers.



Wholesale services

Prime Cuts and Specialty Smoked Meats

The Meat Shop's mission goes beyond filling homes with quality meats full of flavor. We are out to revolutionize the eating experience in Armenia by giving its best chefs what they need to innovate. We have maximized our capacity in order to provide the best prime cuts to our clients. To learn more about what cuts we have available, visit our butchery page which includes charts of each animal. We also smoke and roast specialty meats and prepare our own sausages and burger patties with our perfected seasoning and marination, to your specifications.

Please contact us directly to find out how we can supply you with everything you need to create the best possible menu for your success.